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Wiley Hearing Aids Sales and Service is a licensed hearing specialist and Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. We offer hearing exams, hearing aids and Assisted Listening Devices. If you’re in need of quality hearing services, contact our expert staff today and let us help you hear better.

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Hearing Aid Store in Bartlesville, OK

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Wiley Hearing Aids Sales and Service has been partnering with residents of Bartlesville, OK to meet all their hearing needs since 1997. Locally-owned and family-operated, Wiley Hearing Aids Sales and Service is more than a hearing aid store in Bartlesville, OK. We are your premier source for a full range of services. Contact our licensed and certified team for hearing exams, in-home hearing exams, hearing aids and assisted listening devices, including phones, flashing lights and bed shakers. We consider it a privilege to serve our customers with devices that improve their lives.

Whether you need new hearing aids in Bartlesville, OK or repairs to your current devices, Wiley Hearing Aids Sales and Service is your perfect solution. Our goal is to help our customers transform their lifestyles. With restored hearing, they can keep up with conversations in crowded restaurants, hear their child read a story or enjoy music to its fullest. Knowing what an impact our services can make on our customers drives our dedication to top-quality products and delivery. If you need hearing or hearing aid services, contact us today to start taking advantage of our many service benefits. We look forward to helping you lead a better life with the help of tailored hearing aid solutions.


Established in 1997, we offer decades of experience in helping people select the ideal hearing aid.

OK hearing aid association

We are a proud member of the Oklahoma Hearing Aid Association.

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Our business is locally -owned and family-operated, serving our nearby communities.


We are Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.

hearing aid

Our business offers a full range of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.


We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Wiley Hearing Aids Sales and Service offers top-quality products and services to enhance your lifestyle. We’re here to help you hear.

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