August 15, 2018

"I love Kathy. She has always taken great care of me and explains everything to the fullest when I have questions. Purchased my hearing aids from Kathy 5 years ago. She continues to make complimentary minor adjustments. Always friendly and very service oriented."
July 31, 2018

"Very professional and caring. Tremendously helpful!"
July 12, 2018

"Kathy is very concerned with her patients. She is more devoted to their well being than making a "sale". Her knowledge of hearing issues exceeds most (if not all) in her field. Obviously, I would highly recommend her to anyone with hearing needs."
July 2, 2018

Ann Dougherty

"Kathy has always treated the seniors with love and understanding. She does a great job helping to provide what they need."
June 28, 2018

"Kathy is extremely professional and goes the extra mile to assure that the hearing aids are programmed correctly, cleaned on a regular basis and monitored for any necessary changes. She only represents Starkey, technologically the best hearing aid and the only aid made in the United States. Also, her price is much lower than what I would have paid anywhere else, believe me I checked. My mother-in-law is very satisfied. Thank you Kathy."